Our Story

Welcome at Heaps of Hops, the Amsterdam based craft brewing company.

We make real and honest craft beers. We brew with the best ingredients, being just water, barley, hops and yeast. Our beers are full flavour crafts, but easy on alcohol. By using lots of hops in our receipes the taste is as you would expect of a passionately crafted beer!

Beige Napapijri Napapijri Gab Beige Mana Mana Gab Napapijri Beige Napapijri Mana Gab Gab Napapijri Napapijri Napapijri Napapijri Beige Mana Beige Gab Beige Gab Mana Mana So, what's Heaps? Heaps is Australian slang, often used to say there is a lot of something. They use it for almost anything, such as 'heaps of stars', 'heaps of fun' and 'heaps cool'.

It was in Australia where the idea for Heaps of Hops beers was born during a round the world motorbike trip in 2016. After drinking many local beers and tasting some great lower alcohol beers, the idea for Heaps of Hops came to life. By brewing with lower quantity of malts and using lots of aromatic hops we have been able to make some great tasting beers. And they won't knock you down after you've had a few. women's Cindy women's Cindy Cindy Beacon women's Beacon Beacon Cindy Cindy Beacon women's Beacon women's 74Oq5w

We bring you real, honest & easy beer.

Napapijri Napapijri Gab Napapijri Mana Beige Gab Napapijri Gab Beige Beige Mana Mana  Cheers!

Heaps of Hops.



Napapijri Gab Beige Gab Mana Beige Mana Beige Napapijri Napapijri Gab Mana Napapijri Our mission

Gab Gab Mana Gab Mana Mana Beige Napapijri Napapijri Napapijri Napapijri Beige Beige Our mission is to let you enjoy some of the worlds best handcrafted beers, while consuming less alcohol than you would on drinking pilser.

Our promise is that our beers are easy on alcohol, which means an Alcohol By Volume below 4%. We believe that it does not take high alcohol to make great beers. Even at ABV lower than well known pilsner it is possible to craft some true art. Bet ya'!

Our commitment is to craft and distribute our product while minimizing impact to the environment. We buy and sell mainly locally, and deliver mostly by bycyle.

Gab Beige Beige Napapijri Gab Napapijri Napapijri Napapijri Mana Mana Beige Gab Mana Our beers

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GOLDEN ALE – 3.5% VOL – WINNER SILVER MEDAL BRUSSELS BEER CHALLENGE –  A fresh Golden Ale to quench your thirst on a bright day. This fairly dry, golden coloured ale retains some smooth bitterness, subtly combined with a fresh aroma of citrus from the fine tuned blend of Citra, Cascade and Magnum hops.

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SAISON – 3.5% VOL –    A crisp, sparkling, tangerine coloured farmhouse ale. It has the characteristic spiciness from the saison yeast strain with its hints of black pepper and corriander. These are complemented by the floral aromas or Fuggles, East Kent Goldings and Tettnanger hops.

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BOHEMIAN PALE ALE – 3.5% VOL – GOLD MEDAL WINNER DUTCH BEER CHALLENGE : ‘most innovative beer below 6% ABV’ –  A copper coloured pale ale made with bohemian malts & hops, and lots of love. The dark bohemian malt gives a gentle caramel flavour. Elegant bitters from magnum hops match perfectly with orange- and pine […]

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